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About Umaria

Situated in the North eastern part of Indian state Umaria is a small district with the operational headquarters established in Umaria town itself. Located at a distance of 69km from Shahdol, this particular district was previously a part of Rewa division but after 14th June, 2008, the same was included in Shahdol division. Being a treasury of mineral wealth the town is majorly filled with forest area. However some of the greatest tourist spots are based in this district which includes Bandhavgarh National Park, which pulls in several visitors round the year and is claimed to be one of the topmost tourist destination of the state.

About Umaria
Umaria Municipality

History of Umaria

As per the historical scriptures, Umaria was actually ruled by the Lodhi Rajputs for quite a considerable period of time. To mark their rule more prominently, they build a popular and imperative Lakshmi Narayan Temple on the southern part of Narbada Barman Ghat. Apart from this they were also the creator of Hathi Darwaza which is a gateway on the northern part of the Barman ghat "Kareli". This was actually created to facilitate the passage of their giant elephants which were their primary modes of travel at that time. However in later times it was the Baghel Rajputs from Rewa who initiated a battle with the Lodhi Rajputs and defeated them to win the area. Later on it is Umaria which became the southern headquartering of the Kingdom of Rewa. As per the history of Rewa Kingdom, the Maharaja of Rewa had the greatest passion to hunt in tigers in the dense forest of Bandhavgarh. Not only this, the mention of Umaria visible in various historical scriptures especially for its lovely scenic extravaganza and lush greenery which attracted Princess and Kings for years.

Geography of Umaria

The exact location of Umaria district falls within northern latitude 23º38' to 24º20' and eastern longitude 80º28' to 82º12'. Stretching over an area of 4548 square kilometers, the length of the district from the northern tip to the southern extreme is 150km where the width from eastern end to extreme west is only 60kms. The boundaries of Umaria district is provided by Shadol in the eastern side, Dindori district on the south, Satna on the north, Katni on the western side and Jabalpur on the southeastern area. Umaria is a place which is majorly covered by the dense forest region. As per statistics almost 42% of the total area of the district remains covered with dense forest. Three types of soil is available in these regions and they are deep soil, medium deep soil and shallow soil.

Population of Umaria

As per census 2011, population of Umaria district is marked at 6,44,758 inhabitants of which 330,674 are male inhabitants and 314,084 are females. The population of Umaria recorded a significant growth of 24.96% in comparison to the figures of 515,963 of census 2001. It may be noted that even 2001 census showed a considerable increase of 22.60% rise in population in compared to 1991census. As per the latest census the density of population in Umaria is almost 158 people per sqkm. As per the sex ratio is concerned the district marks a figure of 950 females per 1000 male. The total count of child population falling within the age of 0-6 years is 103,414 which has also increased from 2001 census where it was 97,729. Among the total child population 53,237 are male and 50,177 are female child. The sex ratio here is around 943 girls in count of every 1000 boys.

Demography of Umaria

The major language spoken in Umaria district is Bagheli which was originally a language of the people of ancient Baghelkhand. The language does have a lexical similarity with Hindi and Urdu languages. The literacy level of Umaria district is 65.84% with less women literacy in comparison to male literates in the area. As per the last review about 76.02% males and 55.23% females are literate in Umaria district.

Climate of Umaria

The Climate of Umaria is extreme and tropical. The summer month here stretches from end of April and stays till June and the maximum temperature is recorded in the month of May where it marks at 460C. July August is the monsoon months in Umaria recording an average rainfall of 1093mm. November to February is the winter season in Umaria and the temperature can be quite chilly specially during the end of December to the beginning of January where it goes as low as 10C. The best time to visit Umaria is the months of March and April or during September to November when the temperature remains bearable and sightseeing becomes fun and entertaining.

Administration in Umaria

Umaria district is governed by the administrative headquarters at Umaria Town. The whole area is divided into three subdivisions Bandhavgarh, Pali and Manpur and it is divided into five tehsils and they are Chandia, Nowrozabad, Bandhavgarh, Pali and Manpur. The district is well maintained by several Government offices based in the region. As per the Ministry of Panchyat Raj, in the year 2006, Umaria was declared as one of the 250 most backward districts of the country and among the 24 of Madhya Pradesh. Presently it is listed under and receives funds from BRGF which is the backward Regions Grant Fund. The overall incharge is the Collector and District Magistrate and in Umaria District.

Collector & District Magistrate
Sri Krishna Gopal Tiwari (IAS)
Phone: 07653-222600
Email : dmumaria[at]nic[dot]in
Phone: 07653-222600
Fax : 07653-222106

Culture of Umaria

Culture of Umaria is primarily centered around the population of the area which has a majority of tribal people based here. The lifestyle and their mode of living is a little different. There are several tribes based here which include Gond, a largest tribe available in Madhya Pradesh, Panika , Solhas, Baiga etc. The tribal people have their own style in everything they do including the food habits and preference of dresses and colors. Most of people here wear head gears along with Kurta pyjama whereas the ladies wear sarees with pallu on their heads. Jewellery is an essential part of the attire of ladies here and they prefer to wear bangles, earrings, toe rings, bindi and necklaces. The people here are essentially warm at heart and extremely caring. Urbanization has not reached much in the interiors and people here are happy and content with their own religions, customs and cultural heritage.Though the availability of tribal people is much more in Umaria but still there are people of other caste and creed. There are people of Hindu , Muslim and Christian religion and all festivals related to these religions are celebrated here.

Economy of Umaria

Economy of UmariaThe main earning resource of Umaria district is the mineral wealth available here. The primary resource and the major availability is of the mineral coal in this region which resulted into the construction of 8 coal mines in the district operated by South Eastern Coalfield Ltd or Umaria Coalfields. A huge availability of coal here generates considerable revenue for the economical boost of the area. Apart from the mineral coal , there are other minerals which are also available here. Other major minerals available are fire clay and okhras or white earth and minor minerals include stone, murum, clay and sand. Apart from this the wood and furniture industry is quite popular in this area. Since the district is based in a forest zone, wood supply is never a constraint and one gets quality goods supplied to the different cities of the state and beyond.

Paper industry, engineering units, metal based industry, service areas are popular income generating business based in this district. Since there is a deficiency in finance as well as proper training on various ways of business, the district is devoid of multiple large, mid scale and small scale industries. However a popular industry based here is Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station with sufficient employees working for the same.

Saanjay Gandhi Tap Vidyut Pariyojna,Pali(Mangthar)

Handicraft Industry in Umaria

Apart from this there is also the handicraft industry which has done immensely well in the last few years. One can find beautiful curved works on wood stands, wooden statues, home décor items, sandlewood carvings, handloom items, coarse carpets, zari work on sarees and clothing which are exclusively created by the people of the district.

Tourism Industry in Umaria

Tourism industry provides considerable revenue since there are some of the best tourist spots in and around the city. There are hotels and accommodation arrangement which earn sufficiently during the tourist season of each year. Restaurant business also gets a boost in this season and they jointly contribute to the development of the district.

Agro-Based Industry in Umaria

Another prominent industry in Umaria district is the agro based industries and agricultural income. Though compared to the other agro based cities, the district has negligible production but still around 112053 hectors of land are included in single crop area and around 29779 hectares supports double cropping. Since a lot of area is covered under forest region the cultivated land is much less. The main crops plowed here includes paddy, maize, Kodon, Jowar in khariff crops and wheat , gram, Mustard in Rabi crops. Apart from this other field crops include tur, blackgram, seasame, chickpea, lentil and linseed etc though the production quantity is quite less. Horticulture crops are also grown in this part of the state. The crops cultivated under this category includes quite a number of vegetables like okra, brinjal, potato, tomato, chilli, bottle guard, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, cowpea, pumpkin, raddish, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet potato, carrot, onion, several kinds of leafy vegetables and many others. In horticulture production apart from vegetables quite a good variety of fruits are also produced in Umaria which includes Mango, Papaya, Guava, Lemon, banana, pomegranate, jackfruit, custard apple and others.

Livestock and Fishery business are also quite prominent here. Among livestock, the villager’s maintained stock of cows, buffaloes, goats, pigs etc whereas inland fisheries are done in water resources based within the district. But the business have not been such profitable since there is a substantial deficiency in knowledge and finance, proper method and training which fails them to grow big with the assets. However administrative initiatives are taken in all cases to avail betterment of every industry through imparting training and facility.

Food in Umaria

Food in Umaria is quite simple yet delicious. Due to the close location of Bandhavgarh National park, the district has some of the best restaurants and availability of almost all kinds of cuisine in the district. There are many multi cuisine restaurants near Bandhavgarh in Umaria which have availability of North Indian, South Indian, Punjabi, Bengali and other state cuisines along with Chinese, Thai and selected foreign foods which are quite appreciated by the travelers. There are options to choose from non vegetarian and vegetarian but honestly both are mouth watering. Wheat, maize, rice, are some of the essential items in daily foods of people here. One of the most delicious dishes available here of the local cuisine are aloo chapattis and dhal prepared with selected spices and garnished with onion.
Some of the popular restaurants in Umaria are mentioned below.

Krishna Restaurant
Address: Station road, National Highway 78, Umaria, Madhya Pradesh

Whispering Grass Restaurant

Address: Village Kuchwahi , Umaria HO Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9424992429, 9424623131, 9424334173

For the exclusive variety of sweets here especially the jelly sweets or the marwadi, soan papdi or the kaju puri, one can visit the well stocked and well reputed sweet retailer based in Umaria.

Mahaveer Sweet Mart
Address: Gayatri Square, Umairkaid, Naanded Nagpur Road
Bandhavgarh National Park, Nr Vasant Takies
Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484664
Phone: 9561265777, 9049885088

Society in Umaria

Social discrimination and backward class of people has always been a bar in proper progress of society in every region and in Umaria it is a rising concern since it is counted as one of the backward city and it has huge demand for people who can help in several social causes and build up the values of the area. The social work here is done by several Ngos and welfare organizations based here on matters related to education, women empowerment, employment, skill development and others.

Shitla Education Society
Address: C/O Shitla Pratap Singh Computer Technolgy
Sagra Mandir Road, Umaria HO, Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9827860181, 7653 222781

Sandesh Natya Manch
Address: Purana Padav, Umaria, Umaria HO, Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9977343277, 7653 222615

Big Thoughts Society
Address: Near Imam Bada, Camp Umaria, Dist Umaria
Umaria HO, Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9425183649, 7653 222612

Tourism in Umaria

Profile of Umaria
Bandhavgarh National Park

One of the interesting and entertaining activity that can be done in Umaria district is sightseeing, the reason why it is considered one of the popular and preferred tourist destination. The beautiful district has its all be it the exclusive wildlife reserve Bandhavgarh National Park, with its highest number of tigers and other mammals, or the historical relevance in Bandhavgarh Fort which speaks immense of the historical rule in this area. If the interest is on the religious side then one can visit the age old enshrine of Goddess Kalika, in Chandia Khas along with other temples of Lord Rama. Significant pujas and fair in Shivratri is a popular affair here. One can also visit the Umaria town for a better access to facilities, better infrastructures and more city life. Even the town has a famous Shiva temple which is also worth a visit. Read More.....................

Lifestyle in Umaria

In Umaria, the lifestyle maintained is still not too much urbanized. There are a sufficient number of tribal people who have immense bonding with the rich heritage and culture of their own which restrict them not to fully adopt the modernize cultures. However there are other caste and creed which are promoting good ways of living and very slowly things are moving on the developing side. Progress in dressing and grooming are visible in smaller ways and though it is a slow progress but still people are accepting the benefits of modern living. Though the district does not have too many beauty parlors or fitness centers but they have body message centers especially for the tourist where experienced professional provides service.

Wildwood Spa
Address: C/O Syna Tiger Resort, Bandhavgarh National Park
Tehsil Manpur, Village Tala
Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484664
Phone: 9165510651, 9165510652, 9165510653, 916551065

Mogli Spa
Address: C/O Mogli Jungle Resort, Bandhavgarh National Park
Village Biljharia,Tala
Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484664
Phone: 9425156245, 9301201244

Utilities Services in Umaria

Umaria is served excellently by the district administration supported hugely by the state administration. There are various services available in the district which makes the place habitable and well facilitated for the inhabitants as well as the tourist visiting the area. Some of the essential services are municipality, electricity, block development offices and post offices. But apart from this there are other services too which is necessary in a habitable society and these services are

Aadhar Card Centers

Being one of the important government document, this is absolutely necessary for all to have a Aadhar Card in own name which helps in multiple ways as an identity of Indian National. Some of such centers in Umaria are mentioned below.

Aadhaar Card Center
Address: V P Bakelee Bandhogarh, Umaria Ho
Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9753625433

Aadhaar Card Center

Address: Dwivedi Computer Ram, Janki Chowk Beohari Road
Manpur Bandhogarh, Manpur Umaria, Madhya Pradesh 484665
Phone: 9669937593

Aadhaar Card Center
Address: Shop No. 7 Qazi Enterprises, Umaria Ho
Near Krishi Upaz Mandi Bandhogarh
Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9893837292

Courier Services in Umaria

Apart from Government postal services there are various private companies who are absolutely efficient in the work and assure time parcel delivery with absolute security. Such services in Umaria are mentioned below.

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Main Road, Umaria HO,
Opposite Of Civil Court Beohari
Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9981085934, 7653 329518

Courier Services
Address: Telor Market , Umaria HO
Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9575688484

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Thana Road, Birsinghpur Pali
Near Sarita Book Stall
Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484551
Phone: 9301576648, 7655 233649

Pushpak Courier

Address: Tailor Market, Umaria Ho, Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9109417341

Gas Agencies

LPG or cooking gas is almost an inevitable requirement of every household. There may be some places in the interior of Umaria where cooking is done with the help of coal or woods but mostly all have upgraded to LPG gas. There are definite ways to apply the same in the below mentioned offices

Mpeb Prathmik Gas Service
Address: 121/5-N, Prakash Nagar, Main Road
Near Mpeb High Secondary School
Umaria Ho, Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 7653-262344

Amber Indane
Address: Shop No 20, Umaria Ho
Near New Bus Stand
Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 7653 223515

Shree Sharda HP Gas Service
Address: G-01, Development Block, Station Road, Karkeli
Near Ajanta Trading Company
Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 7653 262213

Mobile Phone Services and Repair

Mobile Phones are the most important accessory in today’s date. It establishes communication and helps people be in touch. However, for any problem in the gadget there is an efficient mobile repair shop in Umaria which can do repair works on almost all brands of mobile devices.

Priyanka Electronics
Address: Station Road, Chandia, Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484660
Phone: 9407070732

Caterers in Umaria

For all the special occasion there is always a requirement of specialized food and good caterers to plan the food arrangements in an best way possible to give a new color to the whole event. In Umaria, there is a excellent catering company which has been serving the people here for years and of posses great command in this profession.

Vinay Caters
Address: Khaleshar, Umaria HO, Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9300228300, 9425184326

Insurance Agents in Umaria

One of the important ways of safeguarding the future is by investing in a Insurance plan with the best deal. In Umaria though there are not many agents but one which can give quality guidance in this subject.

Prabhat Kumar Sondhiya
Address: Near High School Chowk Chandia, Near RTO Office
Umaria HO, Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 7489147682

Transportation in Umaria

Transportation in Umaria
Umaria Railway Station

Excellent transport facility is the key towards progress and development. In Umaria finding a way to travel is never a concern. There are various mediums which can be availed for a good trip within and around the district.

The nearest airport to Umaria is the Jabalpur Airport which is well connected to various metro cities and states. The distance from Umaria to Jabalpur is 126.8km and the same can be traveled either by bus or by private taxis running through State Highway 22 and State Highway 11. There are sufficient transport availability to reach airport. One can also travel to Khajuraho airport which also has sufficient flights but is based at a distance of 171 kms from Umaria

Umaria station with station code UMR forms a station under South East Central Zone and has three platforms. Several trains passes through this station connecting the various stations beyond the district and even beyond the state. Some of this destinations include Bhopal Junction, Durg, Kanpur Central, Jammu Tawi, Puri, Rewa, Bilaspur, Chapra, Gondia, Jabalpur, Katni, Chirmiri, Indore and many others.

Excellent metallic roads connect Umaria with several destinations like Katni, Rewa and Shadol and superior bus services help to reach the destinations in much less time. The state government buses are available at regular intervals however for major places like Bhopal, Indore, and Gwalior etc one has to take buses from Jabalpur. Along with state buses there are private buses to travel various distances. Apart from buses one can also travel by private taxis available at reasonable rates. Some of the popular companies offering car hire services in Umaria are:

Shukla Travels
Near Tala Bus Stand
Umariya HO, Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9425344226

Dwivedi Travels
Shanti Marg, Near Ram Leela Maidan, Rash Bihari Mandir
Umariya Ho, Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9981036961, 9425472808

In a nutshell, Umaria is an excellent tourist location which can be visited for a relaxing and a rejuvenating tour. The district is well facilitated with more initiatives from the district administration to make better in every ways possible.

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