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Umaria Tourism

One of the prominent tourist destinations of the Indian state Madhya Pradesh, Umaria provides an excellent opportunity for the travelers to visualize marvelous craftsmanship and superior artistry in age old constructions based here and some of the famous ancient temples of the state. Apart from this even if the interest is excellent natural beauty or adventurous wildlife, then also Umaria is an excellent option, in regards to the fact that, it has one of the sought after tourist destination, the Bandhavgarh National Park visited by thousands of tourist throughout the year. A wide variety of flora and fauna is the key attraction of this place apart from it being one of the prominent tiger reserve of the country and its excellent ecosystem providing a perfect environ for even the smallest living being like the butterflies. The district has a quite a few promising and entertaining sightseeing spots which is an must see for all visitors.

Umaria Tourism
Bandhavgarh National Park

Best Time to Visit Umaria

The climate of Umaria is considered to be sub tropical extreme. The summer consists of scorching heat while the winters are chilling cold. However for the travelers it is always better to avoid extreme weather conditions and monsoon seasons since those climatic conditions makes it difficult to go out for sightseeing. However one can always travel in the months of February to April or during October and November to get somewhat better climatic conditions.

Tourist Helpline Numbers

Madhya Pradesh Tourism
Paryatan Bhawan, Bhadbhada Road, Bhopal - 462 003.
Fax: +91-755-2779476 / 2774289
Tourist Helpline (Toll Free) : 1800 233 7777
Hotel Booking Tel.: +91-755-2778383
Transport Booking Tel.: +91-755-2775572
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Bus Booking Enquiries:
+91-755-3295040 (Bhopal), +91-731-2499366 (Indore), +91-755-2429829 (Rainbow Treat)
Tourist Helpline - 18002337777 (8 am to 8 pm)
CM Helpline - 181 ::

Eco Tourism in Umaria

Speaking of eco tourism and wildlife in Umaria is all about exploring the dence of Bandhavgarh National Park. One of the prominent hunting areas during the time of late Maharaja Martand Singh of Rewa, this property was handed over to the State government by the later as national park during the end of year 1968. It was in 1993, that the area was given the title of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. It is at present one of the highest density tiger reserve of the country. According to the current figures a total of 60 tigers are present in an area of 450sqkm. Apart from this there are other 22 mammal species and more than 250 species of birds. It is an excellent location to spend some quality time

Heritage Tour in Umaria

Heritage Tour in Umaria is supported by the famous Bandhavgarh fort which is considered to be extremely significant in terms of historic and archeological terms. Based at an altitude of 2430meters, this is a natural fort with a spectacular view. At a distance of 41km from the main Umaria town this fort is located on the Rewa Umaria Road. Apart from the lovely fort, the pristine place remains naturally endowed with verdant meadows and sloping valleys which make it an excellent sight to cherish.

Religious Tour in Umaria

Umaria town, being the headquarters of the district remains more populated that the rest of the district. It is the hub of almost all activities. The town is located at a distance of 69kms from the parent district Shahdol and has multiple attractions. One of the major attractions in the town is the ancient giant Shiva temple close to the Umaria railway station, named as Sagara Temple. This temple is one of the ancient constructions of the area and recently it has been repaired for conservation purpose. The giant gate of the temple is extremely artistic with quite a few stone statues carved in Khajuraho styles. Apart from this there is Jwalamukhi Temple, Mariwal temple which can also be visited for exclusive Khajurao patterns in architecture. The town is also famous for the coal mines which were ideally established in the year 1881. However, later the Indian Government shifted it to Rewa Darbar, so as to facilitate the railways requirement of the Katni District.

Chandia- Khas: Another important tourist destination in Umaria district is Chandia- Khas. Based at a distance of 21kms from the heart of Umaria town, this place is located at Umaria-Katni road. The key attraction of this place which magnetizes a lot of tourist is the popular enshrine of Goddess Kali. This is an ancient temple believed by a lot of devotees. The striking factor of this temple is the idol of Goddess Kali where she has her mouth wide open and with a outstretched tongue but unlike other idols of the Goddess the tongue is broken. According to some Hindus a broken idol is not worshipped but contrary to the belief the idol here is worshipped daily. Adjacent to the temple is another shrine of Lord Rama and his wife Goddess Sita, A three day long fair is one of the preferred attraction here during Shivaratri, in the month of February and March.

Pali Birsinghpur: The next best tourist destination in Umaria district is the beautiful location called Pali Birsinghpur. Located on the Umaria-Shahdol road, Pali is based at a distance of 36kms from the heart of Umaria town. The place is well connected with both Mandla district as well as Dindori district. There is a railway station here which is named as Pali Birsingpur station and close to it there is a tourist rest house with best quality arrangements. At a distance of few kilometers from the station lies a beautiful temple of Birasinidevi who is believed by the locals another facie of Goddess Kali with little difference in her posture. Here the goddess does not have her mouth closed and she is often referred as Skeleton Goddess. This is an old Hindu temple and many ancient cultures are portrayed here which depicts the views and thoughts of the ancient rulers here. Here only one can find the idols of various Jain Tirthankaras seated within the premises of Hindu temple which depicts the unity of thoughts among various religions in the earlier days. The area also celebrates the Navaratri festival in a grand way conducting fairs for three days or more.

Places to Visit near Umaria

Though Umaria is a district with a lot of engaging attractions, there are some more places which can be explored near to Umaria for an excellent weekend getaway. People who are visiting Umaria can explore nearby tourist spot for more entertainment whereas the natives can get away from the monotonous routine life and take a break to the lovely destination to rejuvenate and re energize the mind and body. It is the location and close proximity to different tourist places that help travelers to roam around Umaria


Out of all the places close to Umaria, the most interesting and attractive tourist destination is Khajuraho, which incidentally is also a world heritage site especially because of its excellent and marvelous architecture and skilled carvings. The key attractions of Khajuraho are its wide range of temples with superior artistry and huge historical and religious significance. Most of the temples are ancient and have a mythological implication attach to it. Some of the popular tourist places in Khajuraho include Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Devi Jagadamba temple, Chaumsat Yogini, Chitragupta temple, Viswanath Temple, Nandi temple and others. Some of the best cuisines are available here which is an advantage. One can do shopping of beautiful artifacts too in Khajurao.

Places to Visit near Umaria
Khajuraho Temples

Distance from Umaria to Khajuraho: 249.5km
Time of travel to Khajuraho: 4hrs 15mins

How to reach Khajuraho from Umaria ?
The best way to travel the distance is no doubt by private taxis where time of travel will be much less and the cost of travel would be quite high. For air travel, since there is no direct flight from Umaria to Khajuraho, one can travel the distance to Katni by private taxi and from there take a train to Varanasi from where one can fetch Khajuraho flights. The time to travel this way is around 15hrs 30mins and the cost is around Rs 5230. For rail travel, one can board Sarnath express from Umaria and come to Satna from where private taxis are available to Khajuraho. Here the time of travel would be around 7hrs and the cost around Rs1700.Khajuraho has a vast range of budget hotels to luxury star rated accommodations.

Hotels in Khajuraho
Being a world heritage site, Khajuraho is quite a popular tourist spot for vacationers from all across the world. The lovely carvings and the art work is one of the most attractive sights of the city. People come here to enjoy the best of Khajuraho beauty as well as to have a pleasant vacation staying in some of the best hotels of the city. To attend the multiple footfalls and the huge crowd specially during tourist season , there are some of the best luxury and star rated hotels which provide the maximum facilities to its visitors. There are resorts too which can be claimed as a world stop destination for luxury and lavishness. Popular branded hotels have their establishments in Khajuraho. However since it is a busy tourist spot it is always advisable to have a pre booking in a preferred hotel. Some popular hotels here are mentioned below. For More Click Here

Hotel Ramada
Airport Road, Khajuraho Ho, Khajuraho 471606
Phone: 9425815432, 9752097520

Hotel Payal
Near Western Group Of Temple
Khajuraho Ho, Khajuraho 471606
Phone: 7686-274064, 7686 274076


Jabalpur is one of the most preferred tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh. It has a gifted natural extravaganza of hills, rivers, waterfall, ponds, soothing climate and extensive flora and fauna. Visiting to Jabalpur is almost like enjoying Mother Nature’s lap with magnetizing beauty. Some of the key attractions of Jabalpur include Bhedaghaat, Dhuaandhar Waterfall, Madan Mahal Fort, Chousat Yogini temple, Bargi Dam and Narmada Valley, Tripur Sundari temple and many others.

Jabalpur near Umaria

Distance from Umaria to Jabalpur: 139 km
Time of travel to Jabalpur: 2hrs 15mins

How to reach Jabalpur from Umaria ?
The best way to travel from Umaria to Jabalpur is by railways. There are 3 direct trains which can be fetched for Jabalpur. Firstly, Amarkantak Express which reaches Umaria at 1.32pm daily and travels Jabalpur in 2hr 51 mins. Secondly there is Ambikapur-Jabalpur Express, which travels on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and reaches Jabalpur in 3hrs 26mins. The train leaves from Umaria at 11.32am. Lastly there is Narmada Express which reaches Umaria at 4:15pm daily and travels to Jabalpur in 4hrs 38mins.

Hotels in Jabalpur
Jabalpur is a wealth box of natural extravaganza piled up with good sightseeing spots. It is one of the most visited locations in Madhya Pradesh and that is why one of the popular businesses here is the hotel and accommodation business. Though there are various small and decent hotels in Jabalpur but it is always best to avail the reputed and rated ones where services are at par with the price range of the services. There is a mixture of all kinds of hotels both expensive and cheap ones and the choice is absolutely of the visitors. The location of the hotels are excellent and majorly they are based in Civil lines, Near Bus stand and near station road which are all communicated through public transports. For More Click Here

The Penthouse
A1/18 And 22, 5th Floor, Gwarighat Road
Jabalpur City, Jabalpur - 482002
Phone: 9893597111, 761 4046737

Hotel Sharda
Hotel Sharda Building,
Opposite SBI, Tularam Chowk
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482004
Phone: 8818909990, 9303427236

Katni City

Katni in Madhya Pradesh
Katni Junction

Another popular location visited often by travelers to Madhya Pradesh is the famous Katni city. Also named as Mudwara, this particular location has huge religious and historical values. Being an amalgamation of three diverse cultural states Baghelkhand, Bundelkhand, and Mahakausal this is a wonderful location to visit. The key attractions of Katni City are Bahoriband, Roopnath Temple, Tigavan Temple, Bilhary, Sungarha Vaishnav Devi Mandir and others.

Distance from Umaria to Katni: 63.5 km
Time of travel to Katni: 1hrs 15mins

How to reach Katni from Umaria
The best way to travel from Umaria to Katni is by railways. Direct trains are available between the distances. One can avail Amarkantak Express which reaches Katni in 1hr 21 mins and the fare for the same is Rs95 only.

Hotels in Katni
Katni being another prominent tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh, it has a considerable demand of good hotels in the area. Though the city is devoid of some branded star rated hotels but it has a collection of good and decent hotels serving at the best of their capacities. The hotels here are hygienic and well located which is one of the primary requirements for every visitor. The numbers of hotels based in Katni city are limited but still there are few options which can be opted for a good and homely stay. One of the costliest hotels in Katni city, Jabalpur Road, is the tourist motel where room fares are around Rs 2500-Rs3500.

Hotel Raj Palace

Krishi Upaj Mandi, Paharua Road,
Near SAI Mandir, Katni HO Madhya Pradesh 483501
Phone: 9826676356, 7622 606600

Hotel Pankaj Palace
Barhi Road, Near Railway Station
Katni H O, Katni - 483501
Phone: 9425325829, 7622 403397

Travel Agents in Umaria

Travel Agents provides the exclusive service of arranging the best in any location, in matters of travel, stay, food, sightseeing, ticketing and many others. They are the one stop answer to all travel requirements. In Umaria, this exclusive service is provided by few efficient and well reputed travel agents. The details are furnished below.

Wild Flower Tours
Ranchha Road, Village Tala
Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484664
Phone: 8959094549, 9425157718

M H Travels
Nowrozabad Umaria Madhya Pradesh 484555
Phone: 7977096545

Where to Stay in Umaria ?

Umaria is one of the most preferred tourist destinations especially for the adventure lovers due to the presence of Bandhavgarh in its area. Being one of the prominent national parks of the country many tourist both from domestic and International destinations visit Umaria and Bandhavgarh almost throughout the year. Though Bandhavgarhh has various high rated as well as economical hotels close to the park there are some in the heartland of Umaria district which gives better access to both the sightseeing spots in the district as well as to Bandhavgarh. There are multiple hotels with almost all necessary facilities but in different price range. Comfort and hygiene, facilities and amenities are never a problem in the hotels of Umaria. Some of these hotels are listed below for reference

Samode Safari Lodge
Village Mardari, Post Thamokhar
Umaria HO, Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 7653 280579

Kumkum Lodge
Near Tala Village Check Point, Tehsil Manpur
Umaria HO, Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9424330200, 7653 265324

ECO Lodge

Dadri Village, Parasi
Umaria HO, Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9425331231

Bandhavgarh Palace
Station Road, Umaria Ho, Madhya Pradesh 484661
Phone: 9753222210, 7653 222210

In a nutshell, Umaria is one of the best tourist destinations with quite a few attractions within the city and beyond. So go ahead and have a nice and entertaining time in Umaria

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